Broken skateboards are an unfortunate side effect of skateboarding and are usually destined for the landfill. We recycle this waste into unique, high quality furniture and other cool products. Our designs are inspired by skateboarding and they are engineered based upon how skateboards break during use. The scrapes, scars, and graffiti on the used decks create beautiful patterns over the original skateboard artwork. All of our products are built and finished by skater/craftsman in the USA.

Started by brothers Jason and Adam Podlaski as a fun way to reuse their old skateboards, the idea has grown into a business and a way to give back to skateboarding and skate-related causes through our Broken Skateboard Buy Back Program.

Through our Broken Skateboard Buy Back Program, we partner with skate shops and skate parks across the USA to collect broken boards to be recycled into our products. We then "Buy Back" the spent decks, giving a portion of the funds generated by recycling directly back to the small skateboard businesses and local skatepark or DIY projects that support us. Contact us to learn more and find out how your local shop or fundraiser can join the program.

Our award winning product designs have been featured in many prominent exhibitions, high profile interiors, and cool special projects over the years. We offer a wide array of products ranging from commercial quality furniture to funky, fun home accessories and gifts. You can shop and see more products here.

We are now accepting cryptocurrency for all of our recycled skateboard furniture and designs. Please contact us to arrange an order using Bitcoin or Ethereum.

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